Where to Buy a Shelf Company

Experian “Don`t play the shelf-and-shell game with scammers” Page 1. May 3, 2021 We need some basic customer information to complete the shelf company`s documentation. It may take a day or two to collect and insert into existing documents before shipping. Enhance your marketing campaign with an outdated shelving company. Improve access to credit for businesses. When you receive funding, the bank will ask you to create a new account. As such, your checking account would then serve as a sub account. Expect to open the account with the same financial institution that provides loans. Our shelf companies do not have an EIN number and no bank accounts.

As mentioned above, shelf companies can sell between $650 and $10,000, maybe more. The definition of a shelf company or aging company is a company, LLC or similar legal entity filed earlier and placed on the shelf at an earlier date. You`ll also hear people refer to such an entity as a shelf LLC, a finite corporation, or an older company. Therefore, you can acquire an existing and older legal entity instead of a newly created entity. Therefore, you can get the instant history of the company in a fast, easy and legal way. Inventory and prices are subject to change without notice. It is to be expected that the costs will increase with the age of the shelving company. In addition, pricing may differ slightly from the fee schedule if a particular entity has additional or special features (for example, names adopted). We respect your privacy and business. Whether you have acquired an existing business is your business.

By publishing the list of aged shelving companies available online, the seller claims to the world that these available companies are for sale. We don`t think it`s working in the best interests of our customers. First, file the company in your state as a foreign company. Then, submit the county and city business license as required in your area. All customers must provide a mailing address that becomes public (we recommend a box at a UPS or FedEx store) before transferring the shelf company to the customer. A change reflecting the new address will be submitted immediately. Contact us if you are interested in a shelving company. An additional problem is that the restored business can bring invisible problems such as bad debts, tax arrears, unfiled tax returns, and judgments.

Imagine investing your life, energy, time, and effort into a business you thought you owned but didn`t, and then received a visit from the IRS. Why should you stress and turn your wheels? In other words, the company is legally incorporated and then “put on a shelf” where it ages for a period of time, which can be months or years. No, they do not exist. After incorporation, request the company`s employer identification number from the IRS. To do this, you will need your Social Security number. You`ll also need to provide your driver`s license and social security number to open the bank account. As you can see, there is no anonymity when starting a business. Anonymity does not exist when you start a business in the United States. We prefer to email you a list of available shelf companies so that we can protect your interests after the acquisition of the company.

This way, you reserve the choice to tell others if you bought an outdated business. We don`t think it`s a good idea to create an online list of older businesses that others might google. The hub-sub structure is characterized by its anonymity features and dual firewall. Both companies can be incorporated in Texas; Alternatively, we can create a “two-state solution” by placing the central company in Nevada and the subcontractor in Texas. Both are effective. No. These are virgin companies with no financial history. If they had EIN numbers, there would be a chance that they were used and that they had debts. From time to time, we sell existing businesses for others.

These companies may have an EIN number and financial history. We do not guarantee these sales. The transaction is between you and the seller. Our largest inventory of senior businesses for sale is Wyoming Aged Shelf Corporations and this includes public records address service for the first year. We also have aged companies for sale in the other states listed below. Corporate binders are not included in our prices, they can be ordered for $100. Any changes made after the order are subject to a $100 change or restocking fee. Some small business owners may see shelf companies as an opportunity to move forward. The company doesn`t do any business and usually doesn`t even have real assets.

There are other sellers who sell shelving companies that are more than five years old. Often, these companies were not always in good standing and were therefore dissolved. If the business is being searched for by a lender or credit institution, the shelf company itself may be a “red flag”. This may prevent funding from being secured. If the company has not always been in good shape, the age of the company can be reset to the age at which it was “brought back from the dead”. If your business is less than two years old, lenders won`t make loans. Shelf companies allow owners of new or small businesses to enter into business, credit, or real estate agreements as an established company without having to go through the lengthy process of establishing a brand or business history. Shelf companies cannot be booked or blocked without payment. The request of a shelving company does not reserve them. Until full payment, a certain shelf company remains on the market.

Our companies are not anonymous. After purchasing one of our former shelving companies, we update the public record with your name and business address. Common states where you can find self-corporations are: The problem is that using a shelf company to access business financing can actually be fraudulent and can cause serious problems. All our businesses are homemade and never dissolved. We do not acquire them from others. We classify companies and LLCs ourselves, maintain them in-house and ensure that they are always in good condition. The result is a quality business you can rely on to create business loans. According to Experian, standard companies were used to streamline new startups.

“However, selling [shelf companies] as a way to circumvent credit guidelines is new, making them unethical and potentially illegal.” We have the following LLCs available as shelf companies (not companies): Shelving companies` sales are final as they contain unique and exclusive intellectual content. No exceptions. Just because someone provides you with a clearance certificate and a filed regulation does not mean they own the business. And if you`re dealing with a company that wasn`t owned by the seller, it`s not yours. Receiving stolen property is serious business. Civil and criminal penalties are possible and likely. This is corporate identity theft at every level. Do you need an aging storage business today? We offer aged shelving companies and LLCs in approximately 25 states.

In most cases, we can provide them to you within one business day. We also offer new and foreign incorporation applications in all 50 states. We have postal services in some states and privacy services in some states. Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time and from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). Companies are in their shell form before shares are issued.

It is therefore not an offer to buy shares or securities. We do not offer any guarantee of any particular benefit realized by the purchase of such a business.