Wreck Raiders Rules

Although they are used to buy and decorate various things in the game, the shells also have special abilities that are activated when dropped, and each can be used multiple times per turn. Conchs, which were actually skulls in the original design, allow you to add or subtract one from the value of a cube, and multiple conch shells can be thrown at each turn. I think having skulls washed up on a beach could be traumatic for the casual swimmer. If you throw scallops, you can pick up additional treasure from a wreck your diver just visited. Placing a starfish can cover a treasure in the museum`s exhibition and can be considered a necessary treasure to complete an exhibition. Take a die in turn and send a diver to one of the wrecks at a location that matches the cube, or the beach to retrieve valuable shells. The gameplay is a mix of dice drawing and worker placement. Players must monitor the board and maximize their movements. If you put one of your divers next to an opponent, it will help them, and if they are forced to push an enemy diver from a place, they will receive the beach bonuses. Players will also need to be flexible with their strategy if an exhibition card they have targeted disappears or if they need to perform an action on the beach instead of an action on the wreck.

The playing time was about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the number of players and a few times we felt we needed a few more rounds to launch the strategy. Overall, there were some good strategies and combos to consider and the game was much deeper than originally expected when you look at the graphics and the 10+ label on the side of the box. Dive deep below the surface of the ocean to search for their treasures in the sunken wrecks. Wreck Raiders is a 2019 version for 1 to 5 players by designers Tim W.K Brown and Joshua Cappel and is distributed by Kids Table BG, known for Fossilis and Creature Comforts. During the game, players send divers into various wrecks across the seabed to collect treasure and head to the beach to collect washed up shells for the exhibition. Players sign contracts and accumulate treasures in their vault to score the most points at the end of the game. Treasure tiles are placed in the museum to complete the exhibition cards that are worth points at the end of the game. The treasures are placed in one of three rows in the empty place on the far left. The exhibits only need the right stones, but if a player can also place the stones in the correct order, they will receive a bonus in the form of additional shells or aquarium parts. When players request an exhibit, they discard the treasures used and can add a skull or scallop shell to the display, depending on the map. Conch shells add two points to the total of the exhibit and the scallops will give you a treasure from each wreck by throwing the shells on the beach.

Included in the game is a single-player mode where your dive team competes with 18 other rival divers. Players take three consecutive rounds, but are not allowed to go to the beach. The rivals then take turns with the remaining dice and some placement restrictions. After a full round, players can then purchase an aquarium room. The game ends when the vault is full, the player has claimed 6 or more exhibits, a wreck is running out of treasure tiles, all six beaches are filled, or there are no more rivals in his supply. The player then calculates his score and compares it to a table of titles. The single-player mode didn`t add much to the game, other than a little practice with the mechanics before teaching others, and the single-player “beat your high score” modes rarely bring me back to the table. Wreck Raiders also released expandable content in 2018 with its Kickstarter campaign, which offered additional opportunities to earn points through secret targets and giant shell beads and a shark that terrorized divers and sent them back to their owners. Explore sunken ships that lie at the bottom of a secluded lagoon. In Wreck Raiders, up to five players can send their divers to the bottom of the sea to retrieve items from wrecks. With their treasure, they can fill their safe or complete exhibition cards for large points. Collect shells for special powers or to acquire aquarium sections.

Only the best diver wins! At the beginning of a turn, players draw a die from the coral reef board and move one of their divers into the corresponding numbered room on one of the four wrecks on the main board or beach square. Beach areas give players shells such as scallops, starfish, and shells that are used in other stages of the game. Players can push another player back to the offer if they want a specific spot on the beach. The wreck rooms give the player a treasure that matches the color and symbol of the wreck. Players must be strategic in their placement, as neighboring divers, whether current players or not, will also receive treasure. This can help your opponents or maximize your turn if one of your divers is already on the wreck. Players can also push their divers or an opponent`s diver from a wreck site onto the beach. After the draft, players put their treasures in a museum exhibit or turn them over and put them in the vault. Divers visit various wrecks with treasure tiles on the side. The beach is also visited by some divers. With simple, evolving rules and fast-paced gameplay, Wreck Raiders is the perfect game for players of all skill levels.

Dive into the sparkling sea to collect exotic treasures from a seabed filled with pirate wrecks. Send your divers into the depths, but be careful: if they get too close to other divers, they too can share the prey! Collect lost loot and stranded trinkets to build museum exhibits and stunning aquariums. But don`t forget to keep the best pieces for your personal collection! Wreck Raiders is an innovative cube-based placement system. Choose a cube in the pool, then send one of your divers with that number anywhere on the board. But be careful: the location you choose will help all divers next to you, whether they are friends or not. Are you risking a rival discovering your loot to get the treasure you want, or can you find a way to get extra loot? Display your treasures to build museum exhibits, or send them to your vault for great evaluation opportunities. Don`t forget to go to the nearby beach to pick up washed trinkets and spend them building large aquariums (all sea creatures are treated ethically and released into the wild; besides, they`re cardboard tiles). ) At the end of the game, you will receive coins for your exhibitions, safe and aquariums. The player with the most coins wins! Summary of all detailed information about the game (release date, EAN code, weight, size, …) Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign via BackerKit. For shipping rates, see the table at the bottom of the campaign page. Player`s chart with museum exhibits on the left and vault on the right. You also get: ¢ 8 shark extensions ($4.

Retail value) ⢠All extended objectives. The visual aesthetic of Wreck Raiders is fantastic. The blues and greens of the water and the colorful treasure tiles and shells jump off the table and really work with the theme of the game. Even the set of rules is colorful, easy to read and fun to turn pages. The production quality of the game is also very high. Cardboard treasure tokens, aquarium tiles and shell pieces are thick and doesn`t like unique meeples, especially a crab used as a point tracker. The lid of the box is used to roll the dice pool, uses printed shells to help players get bonuses and provides the points track. To calculate the total number of stars and the percentage distribution per star, we do not use a simple average. Instead, our system takes into account things like updating a review and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to check for reliability. This commitment level applies only to PHYSICAL RE-RETAILERS.

Another element of the game that allows players to earn points is the construction of aquariums. Each player can purchase an aquarium room with their collected shells and have several aquariums completed or under construction. Ground figures launch new aquariums and give points, midfields can be placed on lower pieces or other centerpieces and also score points, and upper pieces have special endgame score conditions based on images in aquariums. Download the rule for Wreck Raiders or other documents (scenarios, goodies, teaching sheet, erratum, …). There are 2 PDF files available. See all available files Did you find a lower price? Let us know. While we can`t meet all prices listed, we use your feedback to ensure our prices remain competitive.