About GridMedix

About Us

GridMedix is an Australian technology company in the space of climate change impact, faced by the utilities industry in Australia and globally. Climate change is a reality” resulting in frequent and intense extreme weather and climate-related events causing disruptions to operations and services provided by utilities in a sustainable and reliable manner. Additionally, the utilities industry faces challenges which are multi-dimensional – regulatory, cost pressures, customer expectations & sustainable operations. GridMedix has been conceived by a group of highly experienced professionals who are passionate about solving the problems faced by the utilities industry, and assist the participating organisations in being more efficient, reliable, resilient, and sustainable. The GridMedix team has a combined experience of more than 100 years in the utilities sector, and offers in-depth knowledge of the industry, processes, data, and challenges faced. The GridMedix team is equipped in complementary and supporting skills along with our established partner ecosystem to support our clients.

GridMedix Vision

To enable and equip the utilities sector to be reliable, resilient and sustainable by empowering them with information and analytics to understand, predict and manage the challenges imposed by Climate change and the various business drivers.

GridMedix Mission

GridMedix is on a mission to enable global Utilities to combat the impact of future extreme weather and climate change events. GridMedix will enable this by providing the utilities with a comprehensive data model, analytical tools and powerful AI based algorithms to support decision making.