What we do – Our Solutions


EV-RDY is a solution powered by our strategic partner Elocity. We are now witnessing a revolution and growing trend  of Electric Vehicles  globally and in Australia. Studies have shown that a penetration of more than 5% in the EV Population amongst the vehicles sold can potentially destablise the Electricity network and demand huge investments in upgrading the Electricity network. Electricity retailers require the ability to provide flexible service and address changing customer expectations. Our EV-RDY solution is all encompassing and address the requirement from a 360-degree perspective – the Distributor, retailer and the customer.


Powered by an optimal  combination of data(D8A-P, AI, Algorithms, and ANL8ix) “Climate change is a reality” resulting in extreme environmental imbalance and causes disruptions to the network operations.  GridMedix’s Clim8ix will equip the Utilities industry, Government bodies and Councils to respond better to these changes-“the new normal”. Clim8ix leverages the power of D8A-P our data platform along GridMedix IP, established algorithms from our strategic partners, operational, spatial and asset data sets.


Australian utilities like other global utilities are highly regulated. Regul8ix is a collection of solutions and analytic tools to address the various regulatory controls, expectations and reporting requirements.  Regul8ix  assists in near real time assessment and visibility against specific KPIs and SLAs such as GSL, and STPIS. Regul8ix effectively leverages the D8A -P and ANL8ix capability.

D8A-P: Data platform

D8A-P, our data platform is the heart and soul of our product  and powers our solution portfolio. D8A-P is a conceptualised as a  universal, open, flexible, and comprehensive data model for the Utilities industry. D8A-P model structured to address, capture and encapsulate various data sets such as operational, regulatory, geo spatial, asset and customer in one place. The extremely open, simple and flexible data model enables incremental/discrete data upload in an agile way to delivery benefits.

ANL8ix & Autom8ix

Automa8ix is a powerful portfolio of high end pre-configured algorithms from GridMedix to enable discrete analysis for prediction and decision making of specific data sets/situations related to Asset conditions, asset life and  network impact.

Anl8ix provides a portfolio of utility operational specific analytics and performance dashboards such as  SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI, MAIFI ,Power Factor and network load.